Free Family Literacy classes for caregivers and their children

Improve your English, reading, or writing skills, get ready for the GED tests, and learn computer and workplace skills while your children participate in fun, educational activities.


Mother and daughter laughing together

This unique program combines adult literacy and child literacy. As a parent or guardian, you can develop the language and literacy skills to get a better job, communicate with your child’s teachers, and confidently talk to others in your community. In the Family Literacy program, your children will gain the foundation they need to succeed in school.

The best predictor of a child’s future academic success is the literacy level of the mother.

You can get help with reading, writing or math, prepare for the GED exams, or improve your English language skills. You will also learn about good nutrition, healthy living, computer skills, job searching, and more. Children participate in fun literacy-based activities such as library visits, family fun days, and community events. Intergenerational learning brings you and your child together for crafts, storytime, and other activities.

Classes are currently offered online. When in-person classes resume, free education-focused childcare will be available.

Since 1995, Literacy Pittsburgh has been affiliated with the National Center for Families Learning, an organization that advances literacy and education by developing, implementing, and documenting innovative and promising two-generation practices, networks, and learning tools.

Student Spotlight: LuLu
LuLu, a refugee from Burma, set a goal of opening an Asian grocery store shortly after she arrived in the United States. In February 2019, she made her dream a reality. She proudly named her store Noble, after her youngest daughter.
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Photo of Student Spotlight: LuLu

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