Free adult education classes

Gain skills you need to start trade school, go to college, get a better career, help your kids with homework, get more involved in your community, and more.


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Boost your reading, writing, or math skills so you can reach your personal and professional goals. Whether you want to earn a high school equivalency diploma, continue your education, or receive additional training for a job or promotion, Literacy Pittsburgh can help.

Last year, 79% of students said they had increased confidence in their basic literacy skills.

Students enter our free adult education program with a wide variety of skills and life experiences. We will tailor instruction to meet your unique learning needs. We offer adult reading classes, math brush-up, and writing help through one-to-one tutoring and classroom instruction. Both online and in-person classes are available.

Supportive teachers and tutors will help you gain the skills and self-confidence to make your goals a reality.

Student Spotlight: Shawnice
A new job in management prompted Shawnice to brush up on her skills. Her annual review was approaching and she worried about writing the three required essays. Shawnice turned to Literacy Pittsburgh for help.
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Photo of Student Spotlight: Shawnice

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