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Now, more than ever, our students need your help!

Literacy Pittsburgh’s students will be hit hard by the historic unemployment resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. Estimates are that 20-40% of our neighbors will be out of work by July. Immigrants, minorities, and those with limited education are particularly vulnerable. Helping them gain the skills to compete for available jobs is Literacy Pittsburgh’s expertise. 

We expect to see a large increase in the number of adults seeking to upskill. These men and women will be looking for ways to improve basic skills, get their high school credential, and enter training for available jobs. Literacy Pittsburgh’s mission is vital to the community in good times and bad.  

Together, we will play a critical role in helping our most vulnerable neighbors get back to work.

Together, we will help our community recover.

Staff, students and volunteers have risen to the occasion. Students have enthusiastically embraced new ways of learning. We know we can, and must, do even more.

This experience has taught us that a critical way to expand capacity is through virtual classrooms. During this crisis, our students are logging on each day to continue their education. With limited resources, our teachers have created virtual learning spaces via Zoom classrooms, YouTube lessons, Google Classrooms, and even social media. 

While we are engaging students and sharpening skills through new mediums, we must do more to meet the increased need and expand capacity to connect with more students remotely. An investment in additional equipment, training, and talent will leverage our progress with virtual learning. With your help, we can engage students on our waiting list, help students gain valuable technology skills, and help enrolled students advance faster with platforms that augment classroom learning. 

You are vital to ensuring that our community’s economic recovery is equitable and that our current and future students are prepared for good jobs and a bright tomorrow.

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Donor Spotlight: The Smiths
"The capacity to negotiate the world through words is essential for an individual's survival, the survival of families and, of course communities. Literacy Pittsburgh provides critical programs to those ends."
— Dr. Susan Smith, Literacy Pittsburgh Donor
Photo of Donor Spotlight: The Smiths

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