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Making a Tax-Wise Gift with Stock

Donating appreciated stocks or mutual funds is simple and provides you with immediate tax benefits. You receive a tax deduction based on the fair market value and eliminate paying capital gains tax. Switching from cash donations to appreciated stock unlocks the greatest impact, saving on taxes while increasing your cost if you use cash to re-purchase the equivalent shares donated.

When working with your broker to handle the transfer, please use our brokerage information below. We appreciate you or your broker letting us know the number and type of shares donated so we can thank you appropriately.

Hunter Associates
436 Seventh Avenue
27th Floor, Koppers Building
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Marissa Bougades

Account Number: 4DA006202| DTC Number: 0443

Partner Spotlight: WQED
WQED and Literacy Pittsburgh began a collaboration last summer to create learning experiences for families to expand their knowledge about science. The partnership was established to bring WQED’s “PBS Kids Family Engagement” opportunities to the students and families of Literacy Pittsburgh, as part of its mission to broaden the awareness of the free and fun learning opportunities that are available both online and in the community.
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Photo of Partner Spotlight: WQED

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