Recommend a Grant from Your Donor Advised Fund

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are a smart way to manage your philanthropy as they allow you to invest funds earmarked for charitable giving and recommend grants from the fund over time. You can create a DAF at any commercial provider (Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, etc.) or a community foundation (The Pittsburgh Foundation)  using a variety of assets and receive an immediate tax deduction.

Grants to Literacy Pittsburgh from your DAF are a practical way to annually make a difference for individuals, families, their children, the workforce, and the community – bringing great prosperity for us all.

As part of your estate planning, you can designate Literacy Pittsburgh as beneficiary of all or a percentage of your DAF assets to continue your support for future generations.

Partner Spotlight: Community Kitchen
Recognizing a gap in student skills, Community Kitchen Pittsburgh reached out to Literacy Pittsburgh to help men and women gain the basic reading and math skills to successfully complete job training.
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Photo of Partner Spotlight: Community Kitchen

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