What Motivates Us


Better lives through learning.


A more inclusive and productive community driven by access to education.


  • We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to learn in a place where their strengths are celebrated.
  • We respect all people and their ability to shape their own lives.
  • We have a duty to earn the trust of everyone we work with.
  • Our collective well-being depends on welcoming diverse cultures and perspectives.
  • As a leader, we embrace the responsibility to innovate, model best practices, and grow.

DEIA Commitment

Literacy Pittsburgh embraces the following definitions of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. Learn about our current initiatives to turn these definitions into a culture of belonging.


Literacy Pittsburgh recognizes value in the fixed and changeable characteristics, social, familial, and economic factors that each student, staff member, and volunteer brings to the organization.


A commitment to provide access and opportunity for all persons so that fixed and changeable characteristics, social, familial, and economic factors do not predict student educational outcomes or staff professional progress at Literacy Pittsburgh.


Pursuing deliberate efforts to ensure that our organization is a place where differences are embraced, different perspectives are respectfully heard and where every individual feels a sense of belonging and inclusion.


A commitment to supporting meaningful access to our resources by all persons who are eligible for our services, with their diverse range of needs, abilities, bodies, minds, and backgrounds. We commit to identifying and removing existing barriers and learning from the expertise of individuals who regularly face barriers to access.

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