Tutor Training Schedule

Our goal is to ensure that you feel prepared and supported as a tutor. We want both you and your student to succeed.

All tutors attend nine total hours of free training. For your convenience, we offer both weekday and weekend workshops. You will first attend a 3-hour Introductory Workshop, followed by a 6-hour Tutor's Toolkit training for either English as a Second Language or Adult Basic Education (reading, writing, math).

In-person tutor trainings are cancelled due to COVID-19. We plan to launch virtual training soon so that we can quickly match waiting students when we can resume normal operations. To learn more about training options and to receive a volunteer application, call 412-393-7645 or click here.

There are no upcoming tutor training events scheduled at this time.

Volunteer Spotlight: Keerstan
“What has been most meaningful to me as a tutor is how exhilarating and fulfilling it is when you see a student learn. When they want to learn about a topic that directly affects their life and finally they have that lightbulb moment of understanding. It’s an incredible thing to witness. It’s such a happy feeling for you and for them. You know that you helped them and that they are making progress. It’s just fantastic!”
Photo of Volunteer Spotlight: Keerstan