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Test your digital literacy skills for a chance to win tickets to One Big Table!

Mar 25, 2019 : Articles

Digital literacy is a vital part of our day-to day-lives, especially in the workplace. Yet many of Literacy Pittsburgh’s students have had little exposure to technology. Digital literacy is embedded into many of our classes to help our students learn how to access and understand information in an increasingly technology-driven environment. Here a few ways students gain experience with this vital skill:

  • Family Literacy students use iPads to supplement learning, gain financial literacy and math skills, and learn to use email.
  • Students in citizenship classes must become familiar with the iPad because the citizenship exam is given on this device.
  • Teachers use Quizlet, an online resource to help students practice skills.
  • A college prep class asks students to research information on the internet and share it with classmates in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Mentors help students navigate online job applications.
  • A new class offering gives students a chance to learn English online while they wait for an available tutor.

Are you ready to test your digital literacy skills for a chance to WIN A PRIZE?

Complete all the tasks in our quiz correctly and you’ll be entered to win two tickets to One Big Table: An International Tasting on May 13 PLUS an overnight stay at the Westin Convention Center! The winner will be drawn from all entries received by 11:59 pm on April 5, 2019.

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The correct answers to the quiz, with sources, are:

1. Go to to discover the current population of the world.
Answer: 7,000,000,000+ Exact answer varied depending on when the quiz was completed.

2. If you were served “bangers and mash” in England, what would you be eating? 
Answer: Sausages and mashed potatoes

3. What is the most commonly eaten food in the world? 
Answer: Rice, Corn (Maize) or Wheat
Rice is the answer we sought per the first source below. However, since this was a bit more challenging to find, we also gave credit for Corn and Wheat, per the second source.

4. The oldest grape producing vine is in what country?
Answer: Slovenia

5. What are the two official languages of Kenya? 
Answer: English and Swahili

6. What country is the largest producer of olives?   
Answer: Spain

7. TWO-PART QUESTION: How many properties are currently listed as World Heritage Sites?
How many are in Thailand?
Answers: 1092  and 5

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