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You Can Create Better Lives Through Learning

Because of community members like you, Literacy Pittsburgh students can continue to receive free services that are vital to improving their lives. Your help makes possible quality, personalized instruction that helps adults obtain their high school equivalency diploma, gain fluency in English, advance in the workforce with a relevant skillset, and gain access to additional referral services. Your donation pays for teaching materials, classroom equipment, volunteer tutor training, classroom instruction and other learning resources.

With your help, Michael can put on a crisp, new shirt and head to a job that pays enough to keep his family fed and the lights on.

There are many ways to support Literacy Pittsburgh. You can make a one-time gift or set up monthly, reoccurring gifts. You can join the Mary Yardumian Society, named in honor of our remarkable founder, or attend one of our fundraising events. And, we offer corporations and foundations a variety of ways to provide financial support and make an impact.

Regardless of how you choose to make a difference and what amount you’re able to give, our students thank you for your generosity. 

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Student Spotlight: Tuhin
Tuhin was just 16 when he began writing poems that called out the persecution of religious minorities in his native Bangladesh. In 2015, his life was threatened by a group linked to al-Quaeda. He reported the incident to the police who told Tuhin they would be unable to protect him from being attacked.
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Photo of Student Spotlight: Tuhin